About Us

The art of cooking is a lifelong skill
for health,
for pleasure,
and for sharing.

// About //
The Counting Chef aims to excite and educate families about cooking, farming, and supporting local growers and businesses by providing kid-friendly recipes, stories, activities, and more!

// Editor //
Julane, the creator of the FriendChip Farm, is an elementary school teacher, home economist, and gourmand who understands real cooking. She married into a farming family and learned what real 'farm to table' eating was about. As the mother of four and grandmother of one (second one on the way), she has always made home cooked meals an essential part of family life.  She believes that food brings people together and creates happy, lifelong memories.

// Family Correspondent //
Amie (pronounced Ah-me, which means friend in French) is a mom that likes to try new things to keep herself and her family entertained. She works for a local law enforcement agency and lives outside of Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, Chris, three active kids, Trenton, Tank, and Taylor, good ol’ dog, KC, and moody rabbit, Truman. Her hobbies include running, cooking, writing, and volunteering at her children’s school. Connect with her at: MonAmie.CountingChef(at)gmail(dot)com.

Dennis and Jenell
// Farm Correspondents //
Dennis and Jenell own and operate a diversified 400 acre organic farm. Types of crops grown are organic blue corn, food grade soy beans, organic golden flax, peas and barley, wheat, and alfalfa hay. In addition to the crops, they have a natural angus beef cow/calf herd. In 2007, they were awarded Minnesota's Top Outstanding Conservationist Award for their land stewardship on their farm. They spend their free time tending an organic garden and a vineyard. 

// International Correspondent //
Laura is a food, culture, and foreign language aficionado who has lived in France, Spain, and Portugal.  With a fondness for great design and anything sweet, she enjoys exploring new neighborhoods, collecting postcards, and all things homemade, home-grown, and hand-crafted.