August 17, 2013

Fun on the FriendChip Farm

The FriendChip Cow welcomes you 
to the FriendChip Farm! 

Come for Fun and Healthy Eating
St. Paul Market Saturdays 9:15-11:15
South St. Paul Market Wednesdays 3:30-5:30
Inver Grove Heights Market Thursdays 3:30-5:30

 Spin the Tail on the Cow prize winner with the FriendChip Cow

                                              Go on the Healthy Eating Scavenger Hunt

 A visit from the FriendChip Cow

Check out a book from our lending library.

We are having a cooking contest. It's going strong; so be a part of our prize drawing in mid- September.  You may win a chef's hat, apron, gift certificate to the market, or  a cowbell. The grand prize is a dinner for a family (up to 4) at a local chef's restaurant.  So come to the St. Paul Farmers' Market and become a Picky Eater.  Remember to pick fruits, veggies, whole grains, dairy, and protein; make these your style.  Have a treat once in awhile!

July 09, 2013

Summer is finally here!

     Welcome to the 2013 FriendChip Farm season.  We have ventured out to some of the community markets!  Not only will be at the downtown St. Paul Farmers' Market on Saturdays, but we will be at the  So. St. Paul Farmers' Market  on Wednesdays, and the Inver Grove Heights Market on Thursdays. (Please check our calendar for exact dates and times as well as weather related information.)

Add a beautiful and natural smell to your house!

     We have a few exciting changes for this  summer, but we've kept the popular scavenger hunt! New this year will be the Counting Chef's Cooking Contest.  Bring a camera! It is designed for kids pre-K and grades 1, 2, and 3. (A parent must accompany the child.) It's easy to enter and there will be prizes. Just pick up the recipe at the FriendChip Farm before you go on the scavenger hunt.  You may make the featured recipe or one of your family's own recipes.  Just take a picture of your child purchasing one or more of the ingredients from the grower (of your choice) at the market.  At home take a picture of the finished recipe. (Get creative here if you like.  It's time to become a little Martha Stewart.) Attach these two pictures to the contest entry form and return it on your next visit to the FriendChip Farm. Your entry will be entered in the contest drawing for a chance to win fun prizes-  cowbells, aprons, chef hats, market gift certificates, and  one grand prize- a dinner at a local chef's restaurant!  (Please note that some pictures may be displayed at the market.)
Meet a farmer on the good and healthy scavenger hunt!

Another great addition is our "Healthy Eaters Make Better Readers" book club!  Join on your next visit to the FriendChip Farm. one book to read at home.  Now the Counting Chef knows how to give parents, teachers, and kids more BANG from each BOOK.  Included with each book is the Counting Chef's vocabulary building program.  Each child will learn five new words from the book.  The FriendChip Cow's colorful cowbell sticker will "ring" on each of the new words.  The parent, teacher, or child can read the definition and learn the new word.  Once the five books have been read (5 visits) to the market, the child's name will be entered into our contest (as mentioned above) for a chance to win a prize. It's fun, easy, and educational.  Just fill out our book club card. Then you are set to check out.

Healthy "Eaters" Make Better Readers!

Hope to see you at the St. Paul Farmers' Markets this summer.